CLOSED Trattoria Bruno, Yonemori Hospital (トラットリーア ブルーノ)

Located on the second floor of Yonemori Hospital in Yojiro, Trattoria Bruno offers some of the best Italian food in Kagoshima city. If you’ve had the chance to dine at Vulcano near Kagoshima Chuo Station, you can expect the same level of deliciousness, and you might even recognize some faces.

This restaurant exclusively serves lunch (as its counterpart near Tenmonkan exclusively serves dinner), and serves two set menus costing either 2,000 JPY or 3,000 JPY. As I mentioned in the Vulcano post, yes, it’s a bit pricy, but it’s worth it for a very flavorful meal. This is another one of those restaurants that I’ve visited on multiple occasions because I get cravings for the food. As you can see in the pictures, you get a wide variety of food, and the lunch menu includes a soup, dessert, and drink that are not pictured below. This means you can finish off your nice Italian lunch with a coffee and uniquely flavored gelato; last time I visited I had apricot and caramel while my lunch date had ginger and chocolate.

So, you’re plan could be to visit Trattoria Bruno for lunch and Vulcano for dinner!

Kagoshima-shi, Yojiro 1-7-1 (Yonemori Hospital, 2F)
Telephone: 099-210-5577

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