V’tres Plus

I needed a change from the usual rice, pasta, or noodles today, so I went in search of a restaurant serving a nice panini or sandwich. Well, the cafe that I had in mind was closed and the kind of sandwich that I’m always looking for just does not exist in Japan, so finding a decent sandwich not on a fluffy white bread with egg and globs of mayo felt like mission impossible.

Fortunately, in my wanderings, I stumbled upon V’tres Plus in Tenmonkan (near Gourmet Street). This restaurant cafe serves sweet crepes and savory galettes (a crepe using soba aka buckwheat flour). Not what I was anticipating my lunch to look that today but it turned out to be a pretty good alternative.

I had a galette called “Basques” for 880YEN + a salad and drink set for 180YEN. (That’s an 8 dollar lunch!) The galette came out quickly and piping hot. There’s a variety of vegetables, a satisfying amount of grilled chicken, and a nice cheese filling. The only thing that surprised me was that the crepe itself had a hint of vinegar, as if the cook had topped it with a light vinegar dressing that sunk into the corners which for me, the vinegar lover, was a pleasant surprise.

I do recommend this restaurant for lunch or a nice glass of wine in the evening. It seems like this is a popular place for events so be warned if you want to drop by for dinner.


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