Vulcano (カンティネッタ ヴルカーノ)

The small Italian restaurant that exclusively serves dinner is located on Gourmet Street (Gurume Douri), on one of the streets parallel to Tenmonkan. The servers, the cooks, the food, and the atmosphere are absolutely lovely although the menu is a bit expensive ranging from about 1,400 – 1,500 JPY for appetizers and starting at 2,500 JPY for a main dish. That means, just for one appetizer and a main dish, without ordering the compulsory bottle of wine, your tab is already over 4,000 JPY, beware!

That being said, the food is delicious and definitely worth it for a special occasion. I came her for a birthday dinner which featured a delicious vegetable filled tart and side of cheese, pasta, breaded filet, and beautiful dessert (that says Happy Birthday in Italian). I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and would recommend it to anyone hoping to impress their significant other with a top class meal.


Probably best to make a reservation for dinner at Vulcano.


Kagoshima-shi, Higashi Sengokucho 5-27, 892-0842
Telephone: 050-5589-9978 (Reservations only)

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