Gyu do!

BEEF! It’s what’s for dinner (or lunch).

This restaurant specializes in all things beef, thus the name, “gyu” (Japanese for beef) and “do” which I suppose can be interpreted as you like. This restaurant serves both lunch and dinner but I’ve only been here for lunch thus far.

What caught my eye was the picture of 950JPY lunch set with the hamburg steak that looked like it would melt in your mouth, and it did. It was hard to believe that 180grams of beef with a side salad, soup, and steamed veggies cost only 950 JPY but that’s it, no taX, no catch. The best part was that the meat came out sizzling, to the point that the waitress asked me to hold a napkin in front of me to make sure the steak didn’t sizzle it’s way onto my clothes.

Flavor wise, you can choose from three sauce options: a demi-glace, onion, or Japanese-style (which I would assume is lightly flavored soy sauce). I went with the demi-glace sauce as recommended by the server and it was just every bit as decadent as I suspected.


I highly recommend Gyu do! hidden on one of the side streets of Tenmonkan, or any of its partner restaurants (to be posted later), for carnivores and omnivores alike.

Kagoshima-shi, Higashi Sengoku-cho 12-13, Maruyama Building 1F, 892-0842
Telephone: 099-223-2044



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