L’oro di Napoli (ロロ ディ ナポリ)

Craving a delicious brick oven pizza? This Italian restaurant smells like pizza heaven and could become your pizza safe haven.

This restarant serves both lunch and dinner and is packed in the evenings. I’ve heard that you absolutely have to make a reservation for dinner but I slyly slipped in on a Tuesday evening an hour before close.

The menu has a wide variety of foods that are claimed to be part of an “authentic” Napoli menu. You can make this an expensive or a cheap dinner, depending on how hungry you are. When I visited this restaurant, I had a couple of appetizers, a pizza with two toppings, and two glasses of wine that satisfied both me and my dinner date for about 3,000 JPY for the two of us; relatively reasonable considering that a good majority of Italian restaurants will cost up to 4,000 JPY for just as much.

Located not too far from Kagoshima Chuo station, on the 2nd floor above a German bakery, L’oro di Napoli is definitely worth a shot.



鹿児島市中央町16−3 ベッカライダンケン中央店2F
Kagoshima-shi, Chuo-cho 16-3, 890-0053 (2F above Bakarei Danken)
Telephone: 099-254-6117 (Reservation recommended for dinner)

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