Treduno Cafe & Garden

This cafe is hidden away on one of the side streets as you approach Tenmonkan from Kagoshima-chuo station. It’s easy to miss so watch out for a chalk signboard sitting at the bottom of a staircase to a building that appears to be a concrete garage with a large window on the second floor. In fact, if you notice a parking garage across the street with one of those car elevators, look across the street and you’re already there.

The first time I visited this cafe restaurant, I was very impressed by the interior design; it’s a level of minimalist cool that I had yet to experience at that point in this city. The first time around, I tried the pasta which was filling and just what I wanted for lunch but I was nonetheless in awe at the atmosphere. The second time around, I was still impressed with the floor plan and excited that the friend who I invited was just as enamored.

The third time, however, I went out to lunch by myself and actually paid to attention to what I was consuming rather than sitting in awe at the coolness of the atmosphere. Now that I’ve been to quite a few restaurants for lunch and dinner in Kagoshima, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of ingredients in the “vegetable-filled” doria (something like a baked risotto with cheese on top). I could count the number of pieces of asparagus, and almost measure the amount of tomato sauce used. If you’re looking for a nice atmosphere and a delicious dish (rather than the vegetable-packed food that I’m looking for these days), I highly recommend Treduno, especially considering the fact that I’ve been here three times and would go back again.

(And, of course, I went back a fourth time and got just what I wanted, a sandwich lunch for 800 JPY. It was well worth it.)

For a late afternoon coffee/tea and dessert set (about 850 JPY) or lunch that includes a small dessert and drinks (about 1,000 JPY), Treduno is a nice spot, off the beaten track, to go with a group of friends and chat.


Kagoshima-shi, Higashi Sengokucho  3-32, 2F
Telephone: 099-219-1820



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