Mori no Kazoku, All Natural Food (農園食堂 森のかぞく)

A lovely little vegetarian restaurant located along the tram line on the stretch between the entrance to Yamakataya and Kagoshima City Hall. The daily lunch menu consists of vegetarian or pescetarian (the vegetarian dish with a piece of fried fish) option that costs 900 JPY and 1000 JPY, respectively. (There are three other menu choices but I have yet to try them yet, so I’ll skip over those). There are so many small dishes on one plate that it would take an entire post to list the ingredients; this is one situation where a picture is worth a thousand words.

For the vegans out there, the first time I visited this restaurant, the hostess said that the vegetarian menu had no animal products whatsoever in it. At that time, I had ordered the pescetarian option so I didn’t critically inspect the side dishes. From the second time on, I ordered the vegetarian menu but the hostess no longer explicitly claimed that this option had no animal products. The last time I visited, I noticed that one of the small side dishes had bonito (fish) flakes in it, so if you’re looking for a 100% vegan option, I believe they skip on the meat and dairy, but do ask if any fish products (or fish-based broths) were used in any of the dishes.

I was so excited to find this magical lunch spot with probably the most colorful, filling, and guilt-free lunch that I have found in Kagoshima, and thus I make a mini excursion to have lunch there about once a week. For better or worse, the word has gotten out on how great this restaurant is, so I have consistently been “number 6 in line” and have had to wait 20 minutes every time I get there (typically around 1:30PM). Last week, I passed by the cafe a few minutes after 12PM, of course considering whether or not to lunch her again, and overheard a couple of women being told that the expected wait was 40 minutes. If you have the time, it’s certainly worth the wait, but I suggest trying to go either before 12PM or around or after 1:30PM.


Mori no Kazoku (Mori’s Family) is worth a visit for a healthy meal jam-packed with farm fresh vegetables.


Kagoshima-shi, Meizancho 2-1,  (Retro Loft building 1F) 891-0821
Telephone: 099-227-2708




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