Mekkemon (めっけもん)

My favorite sushi restaurant of all time. Everyone should go here at least once if they visit Kagoshima (and are not completely against the idea of fresh, raw fish).

The actual cuts of fish that you get served here are significantly larger than those you would get at any other conveyer belt sushi restaurant, and the menu is far more diverse, with seasonal options galore. With that in mind, each plate is also slightly more expensive than the super cheap options. The least expensive plate would be either the tuna (maguro) or salmon (with or without onions) starting at 180 JPY. If you order a combo plate with a variety of seasonal fish (pictured above), this could cost anywhere from 800 JPY to 1,200 JPY depending on the portion. It’s easy to fill up on good fish, but it’s also easy to eat up eight plates before you realize you’re stuffed.

There are also side menu options such as miso soup (a must if you ask me), as well as fruit sashimi that would consist of a thick slice of pineapple on a dish (no, it’s not on top of rice).

You can even get information on the company, JF Group (which is partially translated into English). I actually had no idea that they owned so many of the chain restaurants around Kagoshima until I clicked on this link.

Mekkemon is all over Kagoshima city and the locations that I’ve personally been to thus far are:

*Dolphin Port

鹿児島市 本港新町5−4
Kagoshima-shi, Honkoshin-machi 5-4, 892-0814
Telephone: 099-219-4550

*Kagoshima-Chou Station

Kagoshima-shi, Chuo-cho 1-1, 890-0053
Telephone: 099-298-1515


Kagoshima-shi, Josei 3-7-27, 890-0041
Telephone: 099-201-5548

Mekkemon is so good, even for international visitors, it’s on Trip Advisor in English!




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