Noodle Laboratory Kintoun (ヌードル ラボラトリー金斗雲)

The best ramen shop I’ve been to in Kagoshima thus far. I’ve been here at least four times at this point and, without fail, the ramen has been excellent every single time.

The menu consists of four basic options starting at 700 JPY:

  • Assari (which can be translated into simple, meaning their most basic ramen, あっさり): a salt-based broth that is lightly flavored and not too salty.
  • White: a miso-based broth that is saltier than the salt-based broth (yes, soy bean paste is salty) but super delicious. I’ve ordered this at least twice because I love it.
  • Black: a soy sauce-based broth that, in my opinion, is more flavorful than the assari ramen.
  • Red: a soy sauce-based broth that has so much spice and chili oil that the broth actually turns red. If you order this one, get ready to sweat.

The next step, if you’re like me and you love toppings, you can also order:

  • Extra vegetables (cabbage, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, onion)
  • Soft-boiled egg (that is incredible. I think it is boiled or marinated in soy sauce so the outside turns a grayish color, and the yolk is cooked but slightly runny for the perfect consistency to coat the noodles.)

Pictured below is the assari ramen with extra vegetables and, in the background to the right is the black ramen with leeks dressed with spice and an (not visible from this angle) egg. Both were excellent.

Kintoun has two locations:

The original shop, Noodle Laboratory Kintoun (ヌードル ラボラトリー金斗雲) (pictured above), is relatively close to the new Kagoshima City Hospital (市立病院). This restaurant has a table that can fit family and a couple of tables aside from counter seating.

*Be ready to wait at least 30 minutes if you visit around lunch time on a weekend.

Kagoshima-shi, Arata 1-57-4, 890-0054
Telephone: 099-251-2991


The second location, Noodle Laboratory Kintoun RISING (ヌードル ラボラトリー金斗雲RISING) is close to Kagoshima-chuo Station (pictured below) and just down the road from the post office. It’s a very small shop, so keep your eyes peeled! This shop only has counter seating and is more suitable for couples or lone diners.

Kagoshima-shi, Chuo-cho 2-8, 890-0053
Telephone: 099-253-5535


Pictured below is the white ramen (miso) with extra vegetables and, in the background you can get a sneak peak of the amazing ramen chef who handles constant customers with the help of just one or two servers.



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