Cocoichirin (ココイチリン)

I found this restaurant while en route to the post office (higashiyubinkyoku) from the Kagoshima City Hall. I was hungry and I saw a sign that said LUNCH 750JPY and my stomach started acting up so I went in.

I didn’t realize it until I looked around a bit but this little cafe seems to be more of a bar/izakaya than a lunch spot. Regardless of the line of plum wine (umeshu), and cocktail liquor along the bar, it still felt like a nice little lunch cafe.

On this occasion I ordered the lunch of the day which just so happened to be fried chicken (karaage). I don’t generally order fried chicken but it seemed like a good idea to order the cheap daily lunch option. I would happily go back to this restaurant considering the variety of dishes and portion size for the price, but I would definitely choose another menu option. I would recommend Cocoichirin as a place to lunch if you’re on your way to or from the city hall with a grumbling stomach, but wouldn’t necessarily say to seek it out. I would say that it might be a nice spot to drop in for a drink after work.




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