Kurokatsutei (黒かつ亭)

If you are in Kagoshima and have not tried tonkatsu (pork cutlets) yet, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon (unless you are following a kosher, halal, or vegetarian diet whereby you can skip this post).

You may have already noticed that the staple foods in Kagoshima tend to have “black” in the title: black pork (kurobuta), black beef (kurogyu), black vinegar (kurozu) and the list goes on. I’m not sure about the beef, but I know that black pork is meat from black piggies and tonkatsu made with this meat is one of the most popular lunch options in Kagoshima.

Kurokatsutei is a restaurant that exclusively serves pork cutlet and that’s it. I recommend going for lunch as its relatively cheaper at lunch time but only by a few hundred yen. I went in for a late lunch at the Chuo station location which is a five to eight minute walk from the actual station.

Pictured below is my lunch choice of  pork filet cutlet which costs 980JPY like most of the option options. The meat was tender with minimal fat, freshly fried, and worked well with all of the condiment options: yellow mustard, salt, and two types of sauce. Expect to wait outside if you get here between 12:00PM and 1:30PM (but I suspect that the wait wouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes because these guys are efficient). In any case, Kurokatsutei is worth the wait.



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