Sobachaya Fukiagean (そば茶屋吹上庵)

Do you know what a seven tier stack of soba looks like? Well, I’d say it looks like deliciousness in the form of every topping you didn’t know you could put on buckwheat noodles.

Pictured below, starting from the front left is soba topped with dried seaweed (nori), moving to the right we have marinated shiitake mushrooms and fish sausage (kamaboko), next to that tempura shrimp, one more over quail egg and nagaimo (a type of potato I’ve never had outside of Japan), moving back a row we have fried veggies, to the left we have fermented soybeans (natto) and grated radish, then fried tofu, and behind that an array of fried veggies not on soba noodles. All this for just 1,500 JPY at dinner time. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

This is the kind of restaurant with a menu booklet so you really can order to your heart’s desire: meat, no meat, veggies, no veggies, and you don’t necessarily have to order soba noodles. You can spend anywhere from 600JPY to 2,000JPY at lunch or dinner depending on whether or not you order alcohol and how hungry you are (you have to order a lot of food to get to 2,oooJPY).  I have visited another location in a smaller city outside of Kagoshima and felt quite full from a 650JPY lunch set.

Sobachaya is a chain restaurant that you’ll find all over Kagoshima, there’s a location in the station and one telltale sign is the watermill that most of the larger locations have. This restaurant has plenty of seating, and is not a bad option at all regardless of where you find it.


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