Tomatonomi (トマトの実)

Fresh handmade pasta is a level above your typical dried noodle and once you’ve tried it you might never want to eat that dried stuff again. This little restaurant near Aratahachiman station (street trolley stop) in the area of the city called kishaba serves a number, albeit limited, of appetizing pasta dishes. I have to emphasize here that the restaurant itself only has about eight counter seats, so I’d say expect a dining experience somewhere between a ramen shop (but a lot cleaner than your typical ramen shop) and Italian restaurant (without the wine and romance).

The prices don’t change significantly between lunch and dinner so you can expect to pay around 1,000JPY for a filling meal. Pictured below is a vegetable soup and an tomato sauce fettuccine dish with mozzarella and eggplant. The vegetables were tender and the pasta was perfectly al dente. I highly recommend Tomatnomi for whenever you’re craving some pasta and really don’t want to spend half of your wallet in a fancy Italian place. This restaurant has both meat sauce and meatless options so it’s vegetarian friendly as well.





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