Backerei Danken (バッカラいダンケん)

Backerei Danken is a bakery located five minutes from Kagoshima Chuo station on foot, on the first floor of the same building as L’oro di Napoli (and down the street from Kurokatsutei). It’s a great bakery to drop by for an on-the-go breakfast before riding the train from Chuo station, or to drop in to have a light lunch of sandwiches or whatever bread suits your fancy in the cafe.

Pictured below are my sandwich choices for a light lunch: a fried shrimp cutlet sandwich and cheese and veggie toasted half sandwich. The bread here is pretty cheap so you can get a little walnut and onion roll for 60JPY, a ham and egg danish for 165JPY, and pretty good sandwiches for anywhere from 180 to 280JPY.The combo pictured below cost about 400JPY, great deal. I highly recommend this shop for lovers of bread. The salt croissants are extremely popular and I recently discovered why they sell out, because they’re delicious. It’s hard to find bakeries that have options other than anpan (bread filled with sweet adzuki bean paste) or sandwiches filled with mayonnaise.

Stop in to grab a snack, lunch, or breakfast for the next morning, it’s worth checking out at least once.



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  1. Brett Adey says:

    Hi Jas. Glad to see my favourite bakery in your blog! I go here all the time, and the staff are super friendly. I finally went to 森の家族 (on your recommendation for a nice veggie place) a couple of weeks ago – it was really lovely, and the bookshop next-door is wonderful! I hope to see you around again sometime.

    – Brett (That English guy you found floundering in the Post Office one day).


    1. disillusionedyogi says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog (and giving me the nudge I needed to start updating it again)! Glad you found the veggie cafe and liked it. I hope you’re having fun in Kagoshima! I’m sure we’ll run into each other again soon.


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