Miracle Chicken Yarou (ミラクルチキン野郎)

Miracle Chicken Yarou is by far one of my favorite places for birthday dinners and to take visitors from out of town. If you make a reservation, the staff with gift you with a nice little sign that says your name and screams “we were anxiously anticipating your arrival.” The servers at this restaurant are all super attentive, a lot of fun, and truly know how to make you feel welcome. Top that off with a wide range of delicious menu options and a cheap all-you-can drink option and I think this izakaya is your best bet for a good night out.

I have been here on multiple occasions and ordered the course menu, which is around 3,000 JPY per person, and also ordered a la carte which can potentially end up being the same price because you want to try everything. Both options are great, and just tack on another 1,000 JPY or 1,500 JPY (depending on the type of all-you-can-drink you choose) and you’ve got yourself a boozy three hours ahead of you.



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