Cafe Lakan (カフェラカン)

Cafe Lakan is a small cafe and bar that you can find right across from Kyoken Park which is a five to ten minute walk away from Kagoshima Chuo station. It’s a lovely lunch spot with large windows, spacious seating, and relatively inexpensive menu options. You can check out the lunch options that range from a California sushi set (fish with avocado) or a avocado and bacon burger for 900 JPY, Thai green curry for 750 JPY and a few other balanced options. The food provides a nice change of pace, especially if you’ve been looking for a Western lunch option that isn’t a pasta, and the cafe itself is spacious enough that you can spend an hour or two chatting with a good friend. I haven’t had the chance to dine here in the evening, but it appears that there are somewhat regular events and live shows. I suspect there are pianists and other musicians who come in during dinner hours because there is a piano and a little area in the back that looks like a perfect place for a cafe concert. Certainly worth checking out.



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