Juan (寿庵)

Juan is a very nice shabu shabu restaurant that I just discovered is a local chain restaurant (in this case there are only three locations, all in Kagoshima) that’s part of the J-F group that apparently dominates Kagoshima. If you click on the link to the J-F group, you’ll find an English option, but it’s really just an online translation that may have present some odd tabs like “sushi that turns around” or “discerning pork cutlet” that really should be translated into something more like “conveyer belt sushi” and “delicious pork cutlets.” The J-F group includes one of my favorite sushi places, Mekkemon, as well as a few places I’ve been but have yet to review, Katsuju and Red Pepper. One of the nice parts about visiting one of these semi-chain restaurants is that they usually have an English menu (unfortunately it usually look like something that spit out of google translate, you can check out the picture below, but nonetheless).

This restaurant offers your typical shabu shabu dinner, which means that you get separate trays of meat and veggies that you dip in a broth boiling in the center of your table. One of the interesting features of this shabu shabu restaurant is that you get a palette of salts to flavor your meat or veggies. Some of my favorites were garlic, Sakurajima mikan (mandarin orange), and basil salt. The other options were hot red pepper, curry, and rosemary, in case you were curious.

A typical dinner course costs around 3,000 JPY per person, depending on how much you’d like to eat. As I mentioned in another shabu shabu restaurant post, one tactic for avoiding spending 6,000 JPY on a dinner date is to order one course and then an extra tray of meat or veggies separately. I personally find that I’m stuffed after sharing the least expensive course on the menu and really can’t imagine ordering more. Do keep in mind that if you order alcohol or side dishes, that price will certainly go up.

I highly recommend visiting the main restaurant in Aratahachiman which is a five minute walk away from the Aratahachiman tram stop. I can’t speak for any of the other locations yet, but I did very much enjoy this one for the food and the atmosphere.


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