Japanese Cuisine Rakusui (割烹 楽水)

If you’re looking for somewhere to take a special someone who adores Japanese food and an intimate dining experience, Rakusui is absolutely the place to go. Located in Shiroyama Hotel on the top of Mt. Shiroyama, this may have been one of the first places you visited when you first arrived in Kagoshima, and where you can find this restaurant.

You can expect to spend around 8,000 JPY per person (which is why I will emphasize taking someone here on a special occasion) for a meal that will leave you absolutely stuffed (I felt like I had to waddle out of the restaurant). Walking into the restaurant, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into old-world Japan. There is a koi pond INSIDE the restaurant! How cool is that? This is one of the few restaurants, that I’ve found, where you can dine in your own private tatami mat room. Every single dish is artfully crafted for both a feast for the eyes and stomach. I would absolutely love to go to Rakusui again (just look at the pictures on the website!!!) given the chance and the budget.


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