Tenjin Boumarushin (天神房丸新)

Tenjin Boumarushin is a handmade soba restaurant located on the second floor of a cement building in Tenmonkan. If you’re a soba lover, like me, you’ll notice that soba places are becoming increasingly harder to find in the midst of the ramen boom. This shop is much more expensive than the chain restaurant Sobachaya Fukiagean and has far fewer options, but this is because every order is handmade by a single soba maker (pictured below). If you’re lucky, you’ll be on the side of the restaurant where you can watch the soba get made from scratch (see video below). I would say that for the craftsmanship that goes into creating the noodles, the price is worth it (then again, it’s still a bit pricy if you consider nutritional balance.)  My meal of soba and spicy radish (seriously spicy) was 1,100 JPY. I also ordered a side dish of yuba (tofu skin made from soy beans) that cost 500 JPY. Also pictured below is the kamo seiro, which is a duck soup that costs 1,800 JPY. This meal ended up costing over 4,000 JPY. Expensive for lunch, but it was a very pleasant dining experience.


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